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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

#43: First postcard from Tuvalu

Beach view

Coral and Earth Day stamps

Received from Wutotal from Tuvalu.

Tuvalu's nearest neighbours are KiribatiNauruSamoa and Fiji.


  1. this one must be a treasure in your collection!

    1. official or swap? I'll be going to Poland in a few months and stay there for some time. I hope to get some RARE countries, hehe. I'm not too lucky here in Ireland, the drawing system considers Ireland the RARE one, I guess ;)

    2. This was a direct swap through postcrossing. The sender wanted to raise awareness for "Earth Day". Tuvalu is so low in elevation, with the rising ocean level its in real danger of going under - very sad.

      I have a weakness for Irish postcards. Polish stamps are really nice I think :)

    3. Oh yes, Irish cards are great, really beautiful. Stamps... hmm... seen better but can't complain ;) Can I get the details of the swap partner, please? ;)