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Thursday, 14 August 2014

#7: Second postcard from Bhutan

Thimphu Memorial Chorten

Female Fire Hog Year 2007 stamp

Recieved from Tshewang from Bhutan.

The national sport of Bhutan is archery.


  1. Bhutan is one of the few Asian Countries that I have yet to visit. Since most of my travel is mostly work related, I had the pleasure to travel to many place. Someday I plan on visiting Bhutan as I heard there are many tourist attractions there, particularly Buddhist temples. I checked out an online stamp catalogue that I usually visit and went to Bhutan and found the exact stamp you have and it was entitled ‘Lunar Hog.’

    1. Hi Kevin - thanks for your comment :)

      Yes visiting Bhutan would be a dream. Thanks for the info on the stamp!